Auto Accident Victims

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Massage is Covered by Your Auto Insurance

Massage Therapy for Auto Accident Victims is specially formulated and practiced under the guidelines of your prescribing physician.

In Michigan, car accident victims have the right to receive medical massage therapy paid for by their car insurance company.  Many people are unaware of this benefit from their auto insurance. Why is Massage Therapy covered? Because massage therapy is a drug-free pain management treatment, is cost effective, and is  one of the most requested treatments by auto insurance customers.

At Core HB, our practice focuses on pain management for car accident injury victims. Our goal is to reduce your pain, increase your flexibility and range of motion (ROM), and above all else, return some happiness to your life. Our staff can deal directly with your current lawyer or case manager to help facilitate the requirements for care. We can also offer guidance to any snags you may experience when searching for massage therapy under your current policy.

In order to begin therapy with Core HB, you will need:

A Claim Number (Provided on your insurance card or letter from insurance company)

A Doctor’s Prescription for Massage (Primary, Physical Therapist, Neurologist, etc) indicating length of prescription (1-12 months), number of weekly visits (1-3), and the areas of your body needing treatment.

State Identification card

If you are unsure of how to collect this information, call us at 810-282-4278 for further assistance.