Unfortunately, massage therapy isn’t free. Good massage therapy isn’t cheap. Here at Core HB, we put forth the effort to create affordable pricing options that match the effort you put in to utilizing our services. The more you come, the more affordable we are.

The following are our CASH pricing options and does not include Medical Massage Therapy services.

Introductory Massage:

$35/ 50 Minute massage therapy Session*

$50/ 80 Minute Massage therapy session*

*These prices reflect your FIRST visit at Core HB and are subject to exemptions and availability. 


Core HB Regular

$30- 25 Minute Massage Therapy Session*

$50- 50 Minute Massage Therapy Session*

$75- 80 Minute Massage Therapy Session*

*Requires 1 visit every 90 days. Appointment made Greater than 90 days after last appointment will be Full Price.


The most affordable way to experience our massage therapy.


$150- 4-50 Minute Massage therapy Sessions

$225- 4-80 Minute Massage Therapy Sessions

$400- 12-50 Minute Massage Therapy Sessions

$600- 12-80 Minute Massage Therapy Sessions

*Some therapist exemptions may apply.


6 Month memberships. Renew as many times as you want, cancel when you don’t.

$45/mo- 1-50 Minute Massage therapy Session

$65/Mo- 1-80 Minute Massage therapy Session

$85/ Mo- 2-50 Minute Massage therapy Sessions

$125/Mo- 2-80 Minute Massage Therapy Sessions

$125/Mo- 3-50 Minute Massage Therapy Sessions

$180/Mo- 3-80 Minute Massage therapy Sessions

$140/Mo- 4-50 Minute Massage Therapy Sessions

$200/Mo- 4-80 Minute Massage Therapy Sessions

*Some Therapist Exemptions May Apply


Full Price Services

Pricing for services without any discounts.

$40: 25 Minute Massage Therapy Session

$70: 50 Minute Massage Therapy Session

$90: 80 Minute Massage Therapy Session

$25- Hot Stone Add-on

$50- Hot Gemstone Add-on

$5- Aroma Therapy Add-on

$15- Fascia Blaster Add-on

Outcalls/ Events

$25+: Travel Fee.

$50/Hr: Events (5+ Patrons Receiving Less Than 30 Minutes Each)

$100/Hr: Outcalls (All Other Circumstances)